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Monday, June 23, 2014

Arlee Dru Turns One!!

I would be lying if I said that I hadn't been planning Arlee Dru's birthday party for a long time.  Haha! :) Party planning is what I love! If you know me well, then you have probably heard me say more than once that it is what I truly want to do for a living!

Arlee's party theme was "Once Upon a Time".  I wanted a vintage storybook feel.  More Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood, than Disney Princess.  All of the food on the table had an association to a book we were using.

These pictures are all of out order.  So I'm just going with the flow. :)

Sign at front door

The food table

Cotton Candy was "Wolf's Breath"

 Yay for the birthday girl! :) She was enjoying her empty sandbox with her besties.

On the night I went into labor with Arlee I took the book On The Night You Were Born to the hospital with us.  I had everyone in the waiting room sign it and leave a message for Arlee.  Then we had the nurse put Arlee's footprints in the book as well.  So it was only fitting that we had our guests sign a book for this party! I picked a classic version of Little Red Riding Hood and left out a stamp pad and marker.  The guests were to use leave a fingerprint and make a funny face or desgin out of it and leave their name! Turned out super cute and I know Arlee will love it when she gets older. 

 We had a "Photo Booth" table outside.  There were various props on the table and a sign that told what hastag to use on instagram! We got some super cute pictures! 

Party favors.  The card says "Thanks for coming to watch me Huff and Puff and blow out my candles"

 More of the food table.  

 Drink station

 Piggy Mud Pies

 Pigs In a Blanket

In representation of Goldilocks and The Three Bears we had various sizes of plates to choose from.  Everyone was able to find the plate that was "just right" for them. 

 Cake table

Gummy bears and cups to go

 Arlee wasn't in the best mood.  We took her to the dr. on Monday and she ended up having a double ear infection.  So this picture summed up her day.  Hey, it's her party she can cry if she wants to right? ;)

We loved celebrating our little girl! 

And look at these pictures! My fabulous sister did an amazing job on Arlee's birthday pictures.  They are perfect! 

Thank you for stopping by to see our sweet girl's party details! :) I'm getting better at this blogging thing :)


  1. This party is AMAZING!!!! I absolutely lovvvvve the theme. All of your touches were sooo perfect and precious. The keepsake sign in book- what a great idea! I love the log pieces on the food table too- everything looks classy and elegant, yet so perfect for a baby girl's first birthday!

  2. Thank you Andrea!!! :) You are so sweet!!