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Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I have learned

So it's been forever since I blogged, and this one will be short. :) But I promise I will get better.  Tyler and I have now been married almost 7 months! Whoo hoo.  We beat a Kardashian! haha! Over the past 7 months I have learned quite a bit.  This 7 months has been filled with lots of fun and laughter, and also lessons, which I am going to share with you. ;)
1.) Never go into a marriage thinking you wear the pants...or should I say the most pants.  I never in a million years would have guessed Tyler wore as many clothes in one week as he does. Take this for example.  This is a pile of Tyler's hunting clothes.  So, over the past 7 months I have gotten better at doing laundry in a quick and efficient manner.

2.) I'm allergic to poison ivy.  Enough said, I don't think y'all want a picture of that! :)

3.)  Spiders do really get in your bed.  And then you have nightmares.

4.) Sometimes you might wake up to find a pony in your yard.

5.)  Sometimes your husband can be really sweet and make you dinner! 

6.)  Even when you have a king size bed you might get pushed off and hit the side table!

7.)  When your husband wakes up sleep walking in the middle of the night it's best to let him roam. 

8.) When you leave a menu for the week and it includes an "on your own" night you might get a little surprise on the chalkboard

9.)  Lots of laundry, did I say that already? ;) 

10.) If I would have known being married would be this much fun I would have done it a long time ago! :) Who wouldn't want to come home to this face? 

~Lots of love from our home to yours!