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Monday, June 30, 2014

June Favorite Things

I am going to link up for my very FIRST time today to share my Favorite Things! 

Since this is my first time to share my favorite things, it's only fitting that I share one of my ALL time favorite items! 
I have been using this product since I was about 16.  If I were stranded on an Island all alone this would be what I took ;).  I use it for everything.   Chapped Lips, Cracked hands in the winter, Dry skin, Sunburn, Curling Iron burn, Arlee's diaper rash.  Tyler jokes that I bathe in it.  And he's kinda not lying.  LOL.  I have a tube of this stuff everywhere.  Literally.  You can find it at any drug store, Walmart,  or Target for around $6.00 and it lasts forever! 

Another favorite thing at the moment are these tanks from Target.  They are listed online for $10.00, but they go on sale a lot! I got mine for $7.00
I love that it isn't super low cut.  I am always wearing a tank under everything.  I need things that wash and dry well and that are neutral.  This tank fits the bill.  It's long so I don't flash everyone when I bend over and I'm sure others are thankful for that ;) 

And last, but certainly not least are these fabulous cookies! I swear I'm a cookie-a-holic.  Or a cookie connoisseur whatever you wanna label it. ;)
Talk about AH-MAZING! They are 100% pure deliciousness in my belly! I usually heat them up for about 10 seconds in the microwave just to make them even more gooey.  And you can get them for about $3.00.  Major score! 

I can't wait to link up again soon! This is so fun! 

Whitney :) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Arlee Dru Turns One!!

I would be lying if I said that I hadn't been planning Arlee Dru's birthday party for a long time.  Haha! :) Party planning is what I love! If you know me well, then you have probably heard me say more than once that it is what I truly want to do for a living!

Arlee's party theme was "Once Upon a Time".  I wanted a vintage storybook feel.  More Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood, than Disney Princess.  All of the food on the table had an association to a book we were using.

These pictures are all of out order.  So I'm just going with the flow. :)

Sign at front door

The food table

Cotton Candy was "Wolf's Breath"

 Yay for the birthday girl! :) She was enjoying her empty sandbox with her besties.

On the night I went into labor with Arlee I took the book On The Night You Were Born to the hospital with us.  I had everyone in the waiting room sign it and leave a message for Arlee.  Then we had the nurse put Arlee's footprints in the book as well.  So it was only fitting that we had our guests sign a book for this party! I picked a classic version of Little Red Riding Hood and left out a stamp pad and marker.  The guests were to use leave a fingerprint and make a funny face or desgin out of it and leave their name! Turned out super cute and I know Arlee will love it when she gets older. 

 We had a "Photo Booth" table outside.  There were various props on the table and a sign that told what hastag to use on instagram! We got some super cute pictures! 

Party favors.  The card says "Thanks for coming to watch me Huff and Puff and blow out my candles"

 More of the food table.  

 Drink station

 Piggy Mud Pies

 Pigs In a Blanket

In representation of Goldilocks and The Three Bears we had various sizes of plates to choose from.  Everyone was able to find the plate that was "just right" for them. 

 Cake table

Gummy bears and cups to go

 Arlee wasn't in the best mood.  We took her to the dr. on Monday and she ended up having a double ear infection.  So this picture summed up her day.  Hey, it's her party she can cry if she wants to right? ;)

We loved celebrating our little girl! 

And look at these pictures! My fabulous sister did an amazing job on Arlee's birthday pictures.  They are perfect! 

Thank you for stopping by to see our sweet girl's party details! :) I'm getting better at this blogging thing :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

An Anniversary....Or Two

June is a busy month here at the Thornton household.  It's Father's Day, Arlee's Birthday, our wedding anniversary, and another anniversary of sorts.  Many people don't know about the "extra" anniversary we have now added to our June calendar.  Let me start from the beginning.  

On June 17, 2013 this sweet baby was born. 

Arlee Dru was due on June 11th.  We should have known then that she was going to be a little stubborn.  ;) We were scheduled to be induced on the 18th (our wedding anniversary :) ).  But in true Arlee Dru fashion, she had other plans.  I woke up on the 16th, which was also Father's Day, not feeling so fantastic.  After laboring at home until 4:00 p.m. we decided to head on up to the hospital.  And HALLELUJAH I was in labor! This sweet pea decided to wait until 1:09 a.m. to make her official arrival and we were in heaven! 

We got to take our bundle of joy home on the 18th and we couldn't have asked for a better anniversary present.  

(let's pause for a moment and check out how HUGE my face got, seriously tragic)

We made it home, and my sister came over for Arlee's first official photo shoot. 
I can't even handle the sweetness. 
Look at that hair! 

During a diaper change, Blakelee found this behind Arlee's knees
Not what you want to see when you have literally had your baby home for a few hours.  I immediately called the nursery back and they told me to call the pediatrician's office.  We already had an appointment scheduled for the following morning due to her high bilirubin levels.  They said to just watch it and to make sure we made it to our appointment. Needless to say, we ended the photo shoot and my worry set in.  I had noticed other random "dots" like this on her while we were in the hospital and I was assured they were just from delivery and that one was probably going to be a mole.  But, something didn't feel right and I was very uneasy.  We got up the next morning and loaded up for our very first Dr.'s appointment.  
They checked out the "rash" behind her legs and took some blood.  We knew something was wrong when our pediatrician came back in and his first words were, "I've called the emergency room at Children's and they are waiting on you"  The rest is a bit of a blur.  I know I asked questions through tears and Tyler sat in shock.  But, we loaded up in the car and headed to Little Rock.  After sitting in the emergency room and having a very rough time, 3 blown iv's, lots of crying, and a couple of breakdowns, we finally started getting some answers.  We were admitted into the NICU.  We were given our own room since we had already been home and exposed to the real world.  After blood tests and brain scans, we were told she had Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia. In other words my antibodies were attacking her platelets.  She had 5,000 platelets and the LOWEST she should have was 150,000.  Talk about scary.  
Her condition is similar to the RH factor that all expecting moms get tested for.  But this is dealing with platelets and not blood cells.  There is no test for it, and until something goes wrong with your first born, you have no idea you have it.  
The staff at Children's Hospital was amazing and comforting.  No question I asked was stupid.  No breakdown I had was met with anything but love and compassion.  Our first plan of action was to give her a platelet transfusion and wait 24 hours to see if the level increased and how quickly her body would then attack the new platelets.  The count rose and then dropped again. This went on a few days and we were finally able to keep the level up to a "comfortable" amount.

When we were sent home we were told that we would be back.  So the plan of action was to go in for blood work every other day to our pediatrician and check levels and then decided what would happen on a day to day basis.  
AHHHHHHH!!! Hello hormones! How scary is that?! You want me to take home a baby who can't bruise, or bleed, and has a tremendously low platelet count.  Not what we were expecting! 
We went home and did a whole lot of cuddling and lots of trips to the Dr's office.  And as expected we ended up back at Children's.  But this time we rode in an ambulance. 

We were admitted back into the NICU and played the waiting game.  

The nurses came in every morning at 4:00 and took blood so the results/counts would be available when the Doctors made their rounds that morning.  So each morning we patiently waited.  We finally got back up to the count that was "safe" to go home and that's where we went.  
We still had to go get blood work every other day.  We patiently waited for the day when her count was at 150,000 and when we wouldn't see this tiny foot constantly bruised. 

 We finally reached that day, and we celebrated! With cake of course.  Who doesn't love a good celebration??! 

(Thanks for the cake Ne and Pops)

I've thought about that first month a lot today.  And I realize that I was very secretive about it and probably came across as very standoff-ish to a lot of people.  I wanted to be the one holding her, I didn't want to leave the room to eat, I didn't want to miss the doctor coming in, I was downright stingy with her.  And I'm not even going to act like I am not still stingy. LOL.  I was so worried and scared and overwhelmed. Our family and close friends were amazing and so comforting.  If we needed food, they brought it.  If we needed clothes, they brought them.  If we just needed a moment, they were there.  And often it was just an encouraging text that made the day so much more bearable.  

I had all of these ideas before I had her of what the first few nights or weeks or month would be like and all of that was blown out of the water.  It made me think about things in an entirely different way.  No longer was it about who was coming over to visit or what cute outfit I would put on her.  It was about survival.  It made me have so much more compassion for those Mom's who have babies for months and some even years in the NICU.  And it made me appreciate what we had.  I had a baby who would eventually be healthy and we would walk out of those NICU doors with her and take her home. Some moms with babies there would never leave.  I needed that.   

I needed the reminder that I wasn't in control.  I don't get to decide what happens.  I think most new moms learn how to pray and worship and appreciate their faith in the Lord in an entirely different way once they have a baby.  I am one of those moms.  I sat up every night and cried (and not just because I was hormonal, haha).  I cried because of how much our Savior must love us if he sacrificed HIS son for us.  A love that is immeasurable. 
And in that hosptial, my faith grew right along with Arlee's platelets. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I have learned

So it's been forever since I blogged, and this one will be short. :) But I promise I will get better.  Tyler and I have now been married almost 7 months! Whoo hoo.  We beat a Kardashian! haha! Over the past 7 months I have learned quite a bit.  This 7 months has been filled with lots of fun and laughter, and also lessons, which I am going to share with you. ;)
1.) Never go into a marriage thinking you wear the pants...or should I say the most pants.  I never in a million years would have guessed Tyler wore as many clothes in one week as he does. Take this for example.  This is a pile of Tyler's hunting clothes.  So, over the past 7 months I have gotten better at doing laundry in a quick and efficient manner.

2.) I'm allergic to poison ivy.  Enough said, I don't think y'all want a picture of that! :)

3.)  Spiders do really get in your bed.  And then you have nightmares.

4.) Sometimes you might wake up to find a pony in your yard.

5.)  Sometimes your husband can be really sweet and make you dinner! 

6.)  Even when you have a king size bed you might get pushed off and hit the side table!

7.)  When your husband wakes up sleep walking in the middle of the night it's best to let him roam. 

8.) When you leave a menu for the week and it includes an "on your own" night you might get a little surprise on the chalkboard

9.)  Lots of laundry, did I say that already? ;) 

10.) If I would have known being married would be this much fun I would have done it a long time ago! :) Who wouldn't want to come home to this face? 

~Lots of love from our home to yours! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, as most of you know, Tyler and I are now living in our new home!! Yippee! I think back to last year at this time and it amazes me how much has changed in one year. Last year we were just celebrating being back together for a year, Christmas was approaching, and I will not deny my hope that I would get a ring for the Holidays. Well, I didn't. Haha.  But seriously I didn't and of course I began to think that I was going to have to start taking allergy shots and get me a cat, or a few cats.  But Hallelujah on January 15th that ring was put on my finger and the planning began! Literally it began that night and I was married 5 months later. But you know what else started that fateful night? You guessed planning.  I was a planning machine!  I could not be more thankful for the past year, 11 has always been my favorite number and I just knew 2011 would do me right!  I started this blog to tell all of the fabulous and funny things that happen to us as newlyweds and me as a new resident of this town.  I never really pictured myself as a small town girl, you know coming from the HUGE town of Bryant ;). But boy oh boy have I had some experiences so far, from snakes, spiders, poison ivy, lizards, laundry, no garbage disposal, no trash pickup and did I say lots of laundry?  I can't wait to share all of these experiences  as they happen! I hope you find as much humor in my life as I do! :)